Our Educational Partners

ZO SKkin Health logo

ZO Skin Health is one of the leaders in medical skin care products and treatments which is one of the many reasons we chose it for our academy. ZO Skin Health believes the ideal way to attain and maintain skin health is through the power of science, and we agree.

Not only do our students get to utilize these wonderful products and treatments during their time in lab but our students receive ZO Skin Health Products in their Student Kits and have the unique opportunity to become a ZO Skin Health Specialist AND Expert.

Not only can ZO Skin Health products be seen all around the world in a variety of spas and medical offices but the Jacksonville Region has consistently been ranked #1 in sales volume. What does that mean for our students? Endless opportunities!

Hydrafacial logo

HydraFacial is another leader in the beauty industry that we are so excited to partner with. This facial technology has taken over the United States and can now be found world wide and is consistently ranked number one in Beauty Services.

Between one of the largest billboards in New York City to Nationwide Tours, HydraFacial is everywhere, making it hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of this revolutionary facial treatment.

Our students are able to become HydraFacial Experts and learn to master the newest device: The HydraFacial Syndeo!

Dermaplane Pro logo

We are so excited to announce our newest partnership with DermaplanePRO! Our students will now have a third opportunity to become a DermaplanePRO trained specialist. DermaplanePRO is a leader not just in Dermaplane education but also in supplies and tools.

Our students will be trained by a certified DermaplanePro pro educator and receive an additional student kit which includes all the supplies needed for your first 25 treatments.

NCEA certified logo

It is our mission to deliver the most comprehensive education possible for our students which is why we’ve chosen to partner with NCEA to offer our students the opportunity to gain their National Esthetician Certification.

Attaining the National Esthetician Certification is the highest voluntary credential in the United States- raising the standards of our profession beyond entry-level licensure.

We are confident that this is yet another advantage our students will have upon graduating our academy and entering the workforce.

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